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If you’re new to Christ or just want to learn more about Him, over two Sundays, we will discuss what it means to find Jesus AND to follow Him in our daily lives. 

Our next class
September 15th and 22nd at 8:30am


...You were given a completely free ticket to a place you've always wanted to go but never been, like Disneyland.  Wow - what a gift!  You have been given the gift of access to everything Disneyland has to offer, all the rides, the food and the fun - and all for free!  

The day comes and you gladly claim your ticket and walk in the gate.  But instead of exploring the whole park, you stay at the front gate.  You made it - you're in Disneyland!  You take a few selfies by the Mickey in the grass.  But instead of exploring and experiencing all Disneyland has to offer, you stop short.  "I'm inside Disneyland.  I can say that I've been here!  Isn't that enough?"

But who would do that?  Who would get a free ticket to Disneyland and then stop right inside the gate and never experience ALL that Disneyland has to offer?

We often approach our relationship with Jesus the same way.  He has offered us salvation, life and healing beyond what we've ever known - and He's offered it all to us for free!  We have access to all of the hope, peace and joy that life with Jesus promises us.

But often, we respond to the invitation to begin a relationship with Jesus - and then stop there.  It's like stopping inside the gates at Disneyland - we are there, we have a relationship with Jesus - but we don't fully understand or experience all the new ways of living and the blessing that He intends for us to live in! Join us as we discover together how to walk with Jesus every day and how our lives will change in amazing ways when we do!