I got Jesus... now what?

We are so excited that you have started a relationship with Jesus!  You now belong to God, belong to His family (the Church), and you belong here at The Sanctuary!  We are so glad that you are here!

Starting a relationship with Jesus is just the beginning of discovering all that God has for your life!  So much more is in store for you!  So. . .what’s next?

What’s next is discovering how a relationship with Jesus changes your life!  He has peace for your troubled heart, He has healing for your hurt, He has hope for your future.  How do you learn about those things and find them for your life?

Check out some of our resources below to help you discover them.


If you don’t have a Bible, we’d love to give one to you!


To understand more about why we need a relationship with Jesus and all that He has done for us to bring forgiveness for our sins, watch Pastor Marty’s teaching.

Our class “What’s Next:  Walking Out My Life With Jesus” is a two-week class that helps explain how your relationship with Jesus impacts your day-to-day life and how the Bible has answers for what you are facing!

The Bible says that being baptized is something we do to show the world that we are obeying Jesus and now belong to God! Click the button for more information on understanding baptism upcoming baptism dates.

Still unsure of “what’s next?”

We would love to connect you with someone from our church who you can talk with, who will help answer your questions and who will pray with you.  If you are interested in having someone walk side-by-side with you, please fill out the info below.