One of the things that we all have in common as it relates to time is we are almost always, always, always, in our culture, conscious of what time it is—because of our watches, because of our cell phones, and if you are in school, because there is always a clock on the wall. Half a dozen times a day or a dozen times a day you check to see what time it is. In fact, one of the most common questions, maybe the most common question you ask about time is "what time is it?" In January we're looking at what God says about our time - how we use it, who it belongs to and why we have it to begin with.

The words of "the wisest man to ever live" sum up this series best. How will you spend the Time Of Your Life?

Weakness. As humans it plagues us and in a culture that celebrates being "well-rounded" we're told to work on all of our weaknesses. However, this is not God's plan for us. Though we're not talking about our character, God has designed us with abilities to compliment one another as Paul writes in Ephesians 4. So the question is not how much more you can do for God and for others, but rather what is YOUR part to do?

Time matters and how we use this moment doesn't just affect this moment. It affects our future and who we will become.... and it adds up. It accumulates. it compounds. How is your time adding up?

What are your priorities? As believers, God gives us biblical guidance as to how we can use our time for Him and it starts with one clear priority.

It could easily be argued that time is our most valuable asset and although we can lose track of time, we usually know what time it is. However, there is something more important than knowing what time it is -- It's about knowing WHAT TO DO with our time.