We understand that what we believe as a church greatly impacts all we do in our services, our ministries, our events and most importantly in our lives individually.  Even more we want you to know who we are in this way so you can decide if The Sanctuary is the right place for you.  Please read below to find out a little more about how we believe we are called as a church community to fulfill the Great Commission.  If you have any questions after reading, please feel free to contact us as we would love to call or email you with any information we can provide.


The Bible Translation We Read
Have you ever heard or read the Bible and thought to yourself, “what in the world are they trying to say?” As with any translation, attempting to communicate the richness of God’s Word into another language has its limitations and imperfections. The Bible we read aloud in service is the New Living Translation. We pray that it will overcome some of the barriers of history, culture, and language that have kept people from reading and understanding God’s Word to His children. We hope that listeners unfamiliar with the Bible will find the words clear and easy to understand, and that readers well-versed in the Scriptures will gain a fresh perspective.  Check out a sample of the NLT here.

Kids Are Pretty Important Around Here
We believe it is a parent’s job to raise their children, but more importantly we believe we can help. We realize the Church can play an important role in encouraging and reinforcing the biblical values and teachings already taking place in the home. We see the Church as always one generation away from extinction. Because of this belief, we take the time each week to teach age-appropriate lessons that are both relevant and applicable to the age group being taught. Our youth are pressured on all sides to compromise their beliefs. We desire to be a refuge to them in their week. As adults, we are setting the example of Jesus to our children; we are the representatives of what God has called His children to be.

Celebrating Through Song
It is our job to worship our Father God, in spirit and in truth. (John 4:23) One of the most practical ways we can do that as a congregation is through song. We sing songs that proclaim our love for Him. We sing songs of our thankfulness for bringing us back to right-standing through the cross of His Son, Jesus. We proclaim the truth of God’s Word in our lives through singing songs of unity. We believe we need to align ourselves first to the truth of God’s Word through teaching and prayer. Then, and only then, will we worship Him in spirit and truth. All of this is part of how we respond to His love for us more completely.


At The Sanctuary, we passionately pursue health, both individually and collectively. We strive to see the following eight characteristics of health displayed, first, in who we are and then, secondly, in what we do:

  • EMPOWERING Leadership... that equips, supports, motivates, and mentors - providing the conditions and resources for individuals to become all that God wants them to be.

  • GIFT-BASED Ministry... that identifies individual’s gifts and integrates them into ministries that match their gifting for the greatest potential.

  • PASSIONATE Spirituality... that lives out faith with commitment, conviction and enthusiasm.

  • FUNCTIONAL Structures... that employ logistical strategies and systems for ministry that fulfill the purpose for which they were created.

  • INSPIRING Worship Services... that are eagerly anticipated, fun and encouraging - where the Spirit of God and His love are experienced in the community of believers throughout the celebration.

  • HOLISTIC Small Groups... that provide contexts where individuals can find community, practical help, and spiritual interaction.

  • NEED-ORIENTED Evangelism... that shares the Good News by answering the questions and needs of those we are trying to reach.

  • LOVING Relationships... that are characterized by commitment, attentiveness and authenticity.


The Foursquare Church
Foursquare is the name of the Christian denomination and family we are submitted to for leadership and covering. It also describes the four-part ministry of Jesus Christ as our Savior, Healer, Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and Soon-Coming King. We are charismatic in our beliefs, which means we joyfully celebrate the undeserved favor given to us from God through the cross of His Son, Jesus. If you are interested in learning more about Foursquare, visit www.foursquare.org.


Scripture is deep. There are a variety of topics that make up the key tenets of Christianity that obviously can't effectively be covered on one web page. Below we've included links to download a few brief "readers" on some specific points of clarity that we have had people ask about over the years. Please feel free to read and follow up with us on any questions you might have.