In this class we discover together what it means to find relationship with Jesus AND to walk in the fullness of it in our daily lives!  If you're new to Christ or just want to learn more,  join us as we learn to move into the life with Jesus as He meant for us to live!  LEARN MORE HERE

At The Sanctuary we are passionate about seeing people's lives change. We believe that one of the key indications of that change as a Christian is what the Bible calls baptism. Simply put baptism is the public display and professing of a change that has already transpired in a person's heart by accepting Jesus Christ as his/her Savior and Lord. LEARN MORE HERE

Community Groups are small diverse groups of people that get together once a week to share a meal, have some fun and discuss their faith journey and how they can help those in need. LEARN MORE HERE

There are many ways to GROW as a believer in Christ. At The Sanctuary, we talk about making sure that your roots in the Lord are well established so that you can be all that He has created you to be. We do that through consistent Bible reading, journaling and accountability. Make sure your roots are deep, so when the winds of life come, you will be standing firmly in the safety of the Lord's plan. LEARN MORE HERE

We have a variety of ways to get involved around here, and we believe that there is a perfect fit for YOU. God shaped you, made you, designed you... to thrive and part of that is offering your unique abilities to help others find community and find God.

We also have service opportunities. It takes a lot to make this thing called "church" happen, to provide a safe place for our community to come and find fun, to find love and ultimately to experience the love of Christ. Would you consider joining us? LEARN MORE HERE

A term that is commonly used by individuals to describe affiliation or commitment in a church is "membership". As The Sanctuary, we use the word Partnership. Membership in most contexts (i.e. Costco, a gym or a country club) implies certain rights or privileges to which an individual is entitled. As the Church, we are called to work together and worship together to bring God glory through our service to Him and to others. Therefore we have chosen to use the term Partner very intentionally as to keep our eyes and our hearts fixed on the right goals and motives. LEARN MORE HERE