Campus Construction Updates:



  • God’s continued favor with timing on the financial funding process.

  • Wisdom as we navigate key decisions.

  • Protective hedge of safety for all persons working on these projects.



  • Official groundbreaking began Wednesday, May 29th.

  • General Contractor has begun all staging and preparation work for construction of the cell tower.

For all of you who love construction type videos - check out this crane dropping in the box that will hold all the electrical and cellular equipment for the tower.


  • We have finalized building permits in-hand and currently processing financial aspects, in anticipation of beginning construction.

Why are we renovating?


It was almost 19 years ago when I joyfully accepted the invitation to serve as Lead Pastor of The Sanctuary. Since that time, I have seen God do some amazingly wonderful things in, and through, a congregation willing to live out a deep commitment to see as many people as possible find a safe place to grow and experience the transformative work of  God’s love and truth. What began with just a couple of hundred people has grown to touch thousands over nearly two decades.  During that time we have also been good stewards of our home - transforming what once was a property with a supermarket, strip mall and adult daycare into a campus facilitating ministry across the generations. Over multiple years, we invested nearly $2 million into our facilities through donor gifts and financing (subsequently paid in full), and recently saw it appraised for just shy of $7 million! I am truly thankful for the fruit that we have been able to see. Thing is... our mission is far from complete!

As The Sanctuary, our goal is not to build buildings or reach a certain size; it is to transform the community around us. We must press on until every person in our community hears the Good News of God’s relentless love for them. 

To that end, our facilities have been an incredible tool in our mission.  However, the last number of years, two significant factors have continued to present themselves as formidable hindrances to our efforts, specifically in our ability to retain people and help them connect: (1) the sound quality in our main auditorium, the Father’s House, is poor (too loud, too muffled or unbearable with harsh frequencies, depending on where you sit), and (2) we lack functional space for people to linger, hang-out, connect, discover and nurture community (with our foyer being insufficient when combined with our inadequate and hard-to-find hospitality area). As a result, it is not uncommon for me to hear that people “can’t handle the sound” or “can’t find relationships” on Sundays. This feedback not only breaks my heart, but it works against the very mission and vision that God has called us to. For this reason, we are embarking on our More vision campaign. As you read through this material, would you prayerfully ask the Lord, “How would you have me commit to what You are calling us to?” In order to effectively continue to transform our community, we must fix what isn’t working. There’s too much on the line.

God has more to do through us!


Questions about the Project?