At The Sanctuary we believe that all Christians are on mission for Jesus. Some of us travel around the world, some work hard in our own countries to resource those traveling, some go on short term trips to foreign countries, some serve locally at a food pantry or homeless shelter, but no matter how it looks, we're all called to give, pray, and to go serve somewhere.


Men of Tomorrow
Mentoring Teens of Golden Valley High School

This month, we are giving our finances (beyond the tithe) and going (as mentors), to help young men in our local high school navigate the ins and outs of young adulthood. Many teens find themselves looking to social media, video games, movies, and other forms of entertainment in building their identity. Men of Tomorrow helps our youth debunk the stereotypes and pitfalls to define what is truly involved in becoming a successful adult: brother, provider, father, giver, mentor. Golden Valley High School does this by inviting junior and senior boys into a community of support, led by male volunteers in Santa Clarita. The group meets a minimum of four times per year to discuss life choices, career goals, educational options, and have fun as they build a foundation for a thriving tomorrow.