God's Word | write it down!

Not only does writing out the scripture - word for word - help me apply God’s instructions in my existing situation but, it also helps me take the truth to heart and learn it for a lifetime.

Reflecting | take it in!

What stands out to me?  What is God revealing in this verse?  Who am I in this story? 

Stopping to reflect gives God the chance to speak more clearly. Writing down my thoughts helps me express how His Word meets my circumstance.

Offering | give it up!

Writing out personal prayer has immense benefits because it requires me to think through what I am trying to say to God. Rather than just speak and forget what I was asking, I can look back and see how He has answered me.

Walking | live it out!

How can I apply what I've read?  What part of my life should change?  How can this transform my current situation?

As I write down God’s purposes for my life, I become accountable to Him to obey and love Him in His direction.
(For more on accountability
with others see “GROWth Groups.")

thinking | consider it now!
How will I be different today because of what I've read and written?