Haydn Shaw is a sought after speaker and leading expert on helping generations work and live better together. He has been hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post and an “expert on cultural differences at the office” by TIME. He is also an ordained minister who speaks and consults with churches and religious organizations. His most recent book is entitled, Generational IQ: Christianity Isn’t Dying, Millennials Aren’t the Problem, And the Future Is Bright. We are very excited to have him for three distinct contexts over the weekend.

Generational Seminar for Church Leaders, Staff & Volunteers
Saturday, August 13th 9am-12pm

Join us as generational expert Haydn Shaw helps answer three critical questions facing churches: Is Christianity really going to be dead in three generations? Can your church do multigenerational ministry well? What is the key to reaching and keeping Millennials?

Cost: $10 (includes seminar & Haydn's latest book Generational IQ) Register here by August 6th

Don't Try to Squeeze the Doubt Out of Your Kids (It Won’t Work)

Passing Your Faith On to the Next Generation
Saturday, August 13th 6pm-8pm

In these complex times, how can we effectively share our faith in Jesus and see our children, grandkids, friends, and family discover and walk out their own faith journey with Him? Join us in the Father’s House for a special evening of practical wisdom with generational expert Haydn Shaw. Childcare available for birth-6th grade.

Want to hear more from Haydn Shaw? Here's a great talk on the different way generations communicate.