It's About GROWth

At The Sanctuary we believe that through consistent time in God's Word, we are able to live out authentic lives that are grounded in Truth. One way to do that is following the GROWth journal model. Your journal is a place where you can document your journey with God, His Word and the world around you. Journaling records your life’s adventure and your personal growth as a Christian. 

God's Word | write it down!

Not only does writing out the scripture - word for word - help me apply God’s instructions in my existing situation but, it also helps me take the truth to heart and learn it for a lifetime.

Reflecting | take it in!

What stands out to me?  What is God revealing in this verse?  Who am I in this story? 

Stopping to reflect gives God the chance to speak more clearly. Writing down my thoughts helps me express how His Word meets my circumstance.

Offering | give it up!

Writing out personal prayer has immense benefits because it requires me to think through what I am trying to say to God. Rather than just speak and forget what I was asking, I can look back and see how He has answered me.

Walking | live it out!

How can I apply what I've read?  What part of my life should change?  How can this transform my current situation?

As I write down God’s purposes for my life, I become accountable to Him to obey and love Him in His direction.
(For more on accountability with others see “GROWth Groups.")

thinking | consider it now!
How will I be different today because of what I've read and written?


GROWth Groups



Why are GROWth Groups so small?

1. Comfort – It is easier to speak openly with two or three people.
2. Relationship – It is easier to build trust with fewer people.
3. Privacy – It is easier to keep things confidential - a must!|
4. Flexibility – It is easier to schedule and reschedule.
5. Convenience – It is easier to meet almost anywhere.
6. Time – It is easier to “connect” in an hour.
7. Reproducibility – It is easier to multiply when the group grows to a solid four.

A GROWTh at The Sanctuary is group of two or three people of the same gender who meet together regularly in a team effort to mutually grow mature lives and fulfill their God-given purposes through reading the Bible and journaling.

A GROWth friendship is not found but developed. It demands confidentiality and must be built on trust, which is earned over an extended period of time. GROWth Groups fall into three levels, corresponding to the length of relationship and depth of trust built among group members. The higher the level, the deeper the discussion goes and the greater the strength to mature. Regardless of level, the last question should always be, “How can I (we) pray for you this week?” Although the goal is deep friendships, we recommend each group moves slowly. It is not unusual for this process to take a year or more.

Roles & Goals

Every person should take personal time to identify their God-given roles and write one or more goals for each. Examples are:

1. Christian - To read my Bible and pray daily
2. Husband - To be kind, patient, understanding and helpful
3. Father - To spend sufficient quality time and show interest
4. Employee - To be on-time, work hard and anticipate the needs of others