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You can’t turn on the news without becoming aware that things aren’t going so well in the good ole USA. What’s worse, it seems that those who lead us can’t agree on how to change things. While politicians frame the debate as rich vs. poor, big business vs. the middle class, or Republican vs. Democrat, there is another conflict that reflects a much deeper divide in American culture — a conflict that, if resolved, could bring our nation together to address the issues that fill the airwaves. And what is that conflict? Listen into God & Country to find out.

Thankfulness. Without it we become entitled and entitlement has one focus: me. In America, our problem with selfishness has only been amplified in our relationships with God. This week we close our series on God & Country by being reminded of the importance of bringing ourselves and our nation before God in prayer.

Pastor Marty explains what it means to bring a godly mindset and bring truth and hope to world in desperate need of Jesus.

Tune in as Pastor Marty explores what decisions we should make when differentiating what it means to keep our conscience in a nation that is continually changing.