Many wake up in the morning with a sense that something just isn't quite right - a feeling that they haven't quite done enough, prayed enough, or confessed enough to make themselves worthy of anything, let alone God's love. In this biblically rich, but highly accessible series, we hear from our guest Daniel Brown on how all people can overcome their low grade guilt and rediscover or discover for the first time the liberating, all-in grace that Christ promised us through His death and resurrection. In this 4-part series, Brown provides a clear overview of Law and Grace, and how God has provided both, not to point out what we are doing wrong, but to help us more fully live in the love He has given to us.

Check out the final session with Dr. Daniel Brown as he shares from his journey and from Scripture on how we can all be better at embracing the grace of God.

Knowledge is power. But just a little bit of it used without context or study can be dangerous. In our day of technology and medicine many tend to over-diagnose, or self-diagnose. As we look at this topic of grace, Dr. Daniel Brown takes a deeper look at the context of some of our favorite scriptures and how we misinterpret them, seeing God's diagnosis as judgment or even His wrath.

Dr. Daniel Brown kicks off a special weekend of "Embracing Grace," sharing on this topic that is often difficult to understand, and therefore difficult to live out each day. Listen and find some practical steps that help you on this spiritual journey called "life" and in your relationship with God.

In our pursuit of God and His grace, we often make a fatal mistake -- we find ways to turn His promises into threats. Listen as Dr. Brown continues this series with a look at the words of Paul to the Romans and how God's promise remains true, even in our guilt and the twisting of His purpose for grace in our lives.