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If you’ve lived in Southern California for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced the earth moving under your feet. The plates are shifting underground while humans are panicking aboveground. But what about those earthquake moments where the shift is emotional or relational? It can feel just as seismic and can often send us into the same panic mode. Join us on Resurrection Sunday and be encouraged, God’s already got everything under control; there’s no need to panic. He is risen, just as He said! 


Are you stuck between the days of great loss you have experienced and the days of great joy you have been promised? Sometimes we have to live in-between with a Saturday faith, waiting for our hopes to be realized.

Who’s the villain hiding behind that mask? Here’s the lesson of Good Friday: the villain isn’t who we think it is.

Resurrection Faith is knowing that no matter what is shaking—in us, OR in our world— God has ALREADY resolved it… and… IT’S FOR OUR GOOD! Jesus is risen from the dead, just as He said.