Easter 2018

March 30th . Good Friday

*kids in service with parents*

April 1st . Resurrection Sunday
8:30a . 10:00a . 11:30a

*children's ministries through 6th grade at all services*

March 25th - March 31st // Passion Week  

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What you’re FOR is important, and people need to hear about it. What you’re FOR needs more press. It’s time to articulate what you’re FOR. It’s appropriate to invest in the things you’re FOR. Set aside resources to promote the things you’re FOR. Consider today, what are you FOR?

The Christian Church is often labeled by what we’re against when we want to be known by what we’re FOR. At The Sanctuary, we believe it all begins and ends with knowing God is FOR you!

This Easter, come and see what love has done…

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