Pastor Brandon Maddux   Children's Pastor

Pastor Brandon Maddux
Children's Pastor

Every family has seasons of trial.

For some it feels like that season is never ending, like the darkness is creeping in and the light in your family is fading away.

Your kids experience these seasons of trial.

You might not even know the trials your kids are experiencing.

The things that are inconsequential to you from years of maturity might be causing turmoil in your child’s heart.

They feel far more than they will ever say.

Are your kids equipped to handle those trials that they are experiencing?

Do they have a foundation in God’s word for how to respond to difficult situations?

Do they know that in the midst of the darkness, there is HOPE?

In the month of March, we are partnering together to instill these truths in your child’s heart. There is HOPE.

At church, we are having fun instilling this idea. For the entire month of March the Kid’s Ministry hallway will be GLOW IN THE DARK. We want kids to know that they can glow with HOPE in the darkness – that Jesus wants to be their night light.

Would you consider reminding your kids of these truths this month as you tuck them in bed or drive them to school? That no matter what happens:

  • God is powerful
  • God is at work
  • Jesus promises are true
  • And God loves you.

Bring your kids to hear these truths all month long in our Kid’s Ministry and then reaffirm them in your home – because two voices (Family + Church) unified together as they are speaking into your child’s life will have an exponentially greater impact.

-Pastor Brandon