Rick and Cynthia Siler are well known at The Sanctuary. Whether it’s from their 20 years as part of our community, or from the various ministries they participate in, there are a few interesting details that may not be known…

For instance, Rick is over a foot taller than Cynthia and they needed to use a box for Cynthia when shooting wedding photos, but before we divulge anymore, let’s get acquainted with where you may have seen them around here.

Cynthia has been on staff as our Financial Director here at the church for 12 years. Rick is a retired firefighter having worked 30 years with Culver City Fire Department. They have two children, Caroline (21) and Brett (18).

Between the two of them they have served in various ministries including CHAMPS, Girls Like Me (just Cynthia, obviously), Hospitality and in our Grow On The Go Resource Center.

Now that you’ve connected the dots on how you’ve maybe crossed paths with the Silers, here’s one of the more interesting factoids involving the circumstances surrounding their first meeting…

Though their jobs were very different, they began their marriage of 25 years after meeting one another while attending Church on the Way (a fellow Foursquare Church).

After meeting Rick, Cynthia was so struck with this tall, dashing firefighter that she promptly tried to set Rick up with a single friend of hers. A few weeks after playing matchmaker didn’t pan out, Cynthia received a call from Rick inviting her out on a date. Rick invited Cynthia to be his plus-one at a wedding. After the wedding they bailed on the meager reception to find good food and talk.

Rick did however tip his hand early in the game when he decided to take Cynthia to a restaurant where the employees who knew Rick as a regular. Once seated, the employees spilled the beans, Rick had talked about Cynthia at length. Upon meeting Cynthia the employees proceeded to give Cynthia the Third-degree. Though Rick was embarrassed at the time, Cynthia admits that this minor gaff caused her to take a serious second look at this guy.

Beyond these great stories, whether they are really busy being parents, or relaxing with their hobbies in music, motorcycles, shopping, following the Dodgers, or explaining the intricacies involved in marriage with 12+ inches of height difference; the Silers emphasize the importance of giving God control in their lives.

However self-sufficient they might feel or hard they might work, God has been teaching them the value of seeking His guidance and trusting Him: it is in the midst of their weakness that God’s strength is made perfect.

Make sure you grab them at the next church event to say “Hi” and maybe swap some interesting stories.