What was it that motivated us to become a Christian? When we think back, what was primary in our mind when we made the decision to follow Jesus? Were we in a rescue situation? (Like an unwanted puppy at the pound!) Did we need to be saved? (Like someone drowning in the deep-end of the community pool!) Were we seeking peace (with sex, drugs & Rock-n-Roll)? Maybe our decision to follow Jesus was because we thought God could help us get our life in order. (that one Christian at work seems to have something going on!)

Whatever our motivations, we probably didn't become a Christian so we could tell other people about Jesus. In fact, becoming a salesman for Christianity was just about the last thing on our mind. And yet, of all the changes Jesus promised His followers, that’s the one he opened with: “I’ll show you how to fish for men." Regardless of our initial motives for receiving Christ, this's what He wants for us as well.

When we look at the life-n-times of Jesus (through the Good News books), one thing is clear: if you follow Him, you fish for Him. The problem for most of us is that telling people about Jesus doesn't exactly come naturally. In fact, it can be awkward or sometimes unpredictable. So, if it makes us (or others) so uncomfortable why didn’t He just make it optional? What’s with God's design to use the people He's reached to reach other people?

Each of us, whether we realize it or not, or see it this way or not, or agree with it or not, every single one of us is perfectly positioned in someone’s life to be a fisher.  If we’re not looking, and if we’re not asking God, and if we’re not making ourselves available, we’ll sleep through it.  We could miss the point…

The flip side of that is that someday somebody may sit down and write a letter to the person that was instrumental in bringing them to Christ …and THAT would be to YOU!  You’d be thinking to yourself, “I had no idea… all I said was… all I did was… all I meant was… And yet God says, “You were the unique messenger with MY unique message; you were there at the perfect time to make the difference in that person’s life.” 

As a pastor, I want you to have that experience so bad, because the Christian life isn’t just about what happens between life and death, it’s how God leverages all of life for the sake of something beyond death.

So let’s not just follow, let’s fish. Let’s allow Him to make us fishers.

-Pastor Marty Walker