Have you ever watched Leave It to Beaver? 

Growing up I watched a lot of older shows on TV Land and this 1950’s sitcom was one of them. The feel good TV show presents a stereotypical picture of what many have thought a family “should” be, but the show is truly far from today’s reality.

In every episode, dad always makes it home in time for dinner. Mom preps perfectly crafted meals in her dress and always with a smile, while she somehow keeps the massive house clean and orderly. Then, both parents never fail to teach their kids an eye opening moral lesson that they somehow have the composure to present despite their child’s actions.

I grew up in a great family, but this picture is still far from what my family looked like growing up. While both my dad and mom did everything they could, my dad would often get stuck in traffic on his commute from Burbank and arrive home to Hamburger Helper on the stove. Meanwhile, my mom would be rushing me to soccer practice, dropping my older brother off at a friend’s house and trying to get my younger brother to not cause a scene as she stopped by the grocery store.

We don’t live picture perfect lives.

Life happens. Pain happens. Tragedy happens.

The truth is, the Leave it to Beaver family is so far from any of our realities.

I have faced trials and thought, “am I ever going to make it through this?” My family has gone through difficult seasons that caused us all to think, “I don’t know how much longer I can do this.”

In some moments, I felt like God was absent from our families’ reality, like I was stuck in a valley.

Do you feel stuck in a valley?

I want you to know that God desires to meet you amidst your valley and transform the valley into a spiritual mountaintop.

I invite you to cry out to God with me and ask for his hope and his strength for your family. The Lord of the heavens desires to renew us and make us full of joy.

The Lord sees you in the valley… the Lord sees your stress and is saying to you “come to me… I will give you rest… I will give you strength… I will quench your thirst.”

-Pastor Brandon