Sunday Mornings offers an incredible opportunity to meet people, get your feet wet, and learn more about Christ.

Then there comes a point in our faith when we choose to own it, to grow beyond Sundays and live out what we believe - to not just share space with other believers on Sundays, but to live life with them as we become more like Christ.

This is called Discipleship.

The same goes for our kids.

It’s time your kids move beyond Sundays and chose to grow more through our Midweek Discipleship program.

The Midweek Discipleship program is a 9-month program (September-May) for 4 year olds through 6th grade. Each week they:

  1. Build deeper relationships with their Small Group Leader and Christian kids their age.
  2. Study God’s Word through age appropriate homework.
  3. Worship our Creator in a fun and engaging environment.

Building relationships, studying God’s Word, and worshiping our Creator – that’s what discipleship is all about!

Make sure to register your kids in the Grow On the Go by August 30th. Cost is $85.

- Pastor Brandon