Well church, now that our Gone Fishin’ series is in its last week and wrapping up, we face a question; “What do I do with these things I’ve been learning from Pastor Marty and the things that God has been showing me through this series?”

Since our Sanctuary community believes that maturity is a day-by-day walk, we want to make sure that you are well-equipped to continue in “walking it out.” Here are a few ways that we can continue to connect and be encouraged to live as fishers of people.

TEACHING SERIES | Any of you miss out on a week of this sermon series? Or maybe you just need a refresher on Gone Fishin’? Make sure to check out our webpage where you can find all of our Gone Fishin’ teaching series.

THE ART OF NEIGHBORING | Remember the book Pastor Marty mentioned a few weeks ago? If you want to go deeper in learning what it means to be a neighbor, check out this fantastic book on reaching out to your community. It is available in our resource center on Sundays, or online through Amazon. Check out our webpage for a quick link to the book on Amazon.

RIGHT NOW MEDIA | If you still haven’t taken advantage of our Right Now Media resource, sign up for a free account online at thesanctuarychurch.com/rightnowmedia. You can find hundreds of sermon series and teaching resources from numerous authors, teachers and churches. If you want to keep learning more on evangelism and Christ’s call to share His Love with others, check out “It‘s Personal” by Andy Stanley, highly recommended by Pastor Marty here.

GONE FISHIN’ BLOGS | Make sure to read up on some encouraging notes from your pastors on what it means to fish for others, and to fish alongside other Christians. Find them, along with other blog posts, here on our blog page.

Let’s continue to grow and fish together!