Have you ever felt like God is nowhere to be found?

Sometimes our feelings will tell us that. We all know not to allow our emotions to drive us anywhere when it comes to our trust in God. Some of us can even quote the Bible where it tells us "the righteous live by faith." (ROM 1:17) and "without faith it is impossible to please God" (HEB 11:6), so why is it I’m constantly trying to feel God to know He's there. I know how I feel when I’m discouraged; it seems like God’s just not around.

Unanswered prayer, a series of disappointing events, a betrayal or abandonment by somebody close to us can all cause us to think God has checked out of our life. There are times when we get so busy with our day-to-day lives that we feel guilty we're not doing enough for Him to want to be around us. The Good News is God has promised He will never leave us or forsake us (HEB 13:5). We can be sure of His constant presence whether we are struggling with a painful situation or just too busy to notice that He is near.

Have you ever been so busy with good things you just can't sense God's presence; His voice gets crowded out by the “much” of everything (and everyone) else? Too much noise. Too much traffic. Too much confusion. Too much anxiety; leaving our minds and thoughts running at an uncontrollable pace.

All of that changes when we realize He is with us and in control. The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God" (PSA 46:10). Try being still today and take in His presence. Stop and breathe deeply for a moment… no, really, try it now.

      Exhale the distracting thoughts… inhale a desire to sense His presence.
      Exhale your pre-occupation with self… inhale a desire to know Him more.
      Exhale the worries of the moment... inhale His peace.

I bet you feel better already? That’s His signature, just letting you know He is there… here… with you!

-Pastor Marty Walker