Girls Like Me (and You) are gathering again on Friday, April 24th at 7pm for a time of connection with one another.  I hope you plan to join us for another special and meaningful evening together.

In February, our women’s ministries began a video series with Jen Hatmaker, well-known Christian author and speaker, titled “Pulling the Thread”.  We were challenged in Session One to participate in a fast by eliminating something that has us distracted from God’s calling on our life.  I took advantage of this challenge and am reaping the benefits of that decision.  I’ve heard from several of you who did as well… CONGRATULATIONS!

I can hardly wait for you to see Session Two and how it will impact our lives.  Growth happens on purpose and each decision we make to draw closer to Him and to one another will have a lasting impact. 

I feel blessed to have so many amazing women who are not content with being status quo in their walk with God.  I see passion and drive to do more and be more so that Christ is not only revealed in our Valley, but ultimately in our world.  That’s not something you can manufacture.  That is a work of the Holy Spirit through willing hearts that are submitted to Him.

Make sure to register for our free event here on our website.

I see Jesus in Girls Like Me. Plan to attend on the 24th for a little bit of dessert, friendship, worship and a whole lotta Jesus!



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