Why do people who become Christians change? Why is it that, over time, they become different people? There’s a kind of metamorphosis to their habits; they start talking and acting different; it’s like a mini-evolution before our eyes.

If you talk to them, they’ll never say, “When I became a Christian I really got into the discipline of discipleship.”  Or, “When I became a Christian and I really dug down into the Holy Spirit fruit of self-control and I tried harder.” Nope, they’ll say stuff like, “When I became a Christian and I began to change; I don’t even know what it was.”

Let me tell you what I think it was: they got new life—they got God life! They received the ability to handle temptation differently; they began to see themselves differently. How they viewed the world around them and the stuff happening in their lives, good and bad; it was different.

God gives the ability to see our day-to-day with a temporary perspective through hope. Bad isn’t so bad anymore; with hope we know this won’t last. Good isn’t so good anymore; with hope, we know this cannot last as God can hold much better than good in store. As Christians we are given a hope that changes everything; it’s a hope for the future… way beyond tomorrow!

Christians keep their eyes on the future. Yesterday is already gone; today will soon be gone, and tomorrow only brings more hope. I hope we continue to grow in our worship and grow in our discipleship and grow in our children’s ministries and grow in our giving and grow in our community and grow, grow, grow.

I hope we get deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. But more than that I hope we allow God to make us fishers… and I hope we never forget that all of us were fish once.  I hope that we never forget that somebody had the boldness to come to us and talk about a relationship with Christ because they understood that followers fish! They understood that with this great discovery comes a great responsibility and so they entered in, as awkward as it was, into our lives, and oh, the difference it has made.

Of course I hope you become better parents and I hope you become better husbands and wives and I hope you become better… at everything! But I hope we become men and women who are fishers of men and women. God wants to call us back into the lives and the worlds of the people who so desperately need what we are so blessed to know.

-Pastor Marty Walker

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