From the rise of what I was-
the good, the bad, the guilty, or the innocent…
Truth remains intact: You were present, I was absent.
While I was busy knitting, getting cozy in a sweater
that I spun from the outside in
YOU intervened and pulled the thread, so I’d begin-

Begin to spin out of what I would call control.
Begin to unravel so unsettled,
So intermittently smitten with the fabric
I had clung to for so long; zapped by the static.
YOU intervened and layer by layer
The patterns of thought
And the seams that were cut and tailored and
Tapered in the right spots
Suddenly were stretched beyond recognition.

YOU intervened and brought me back to basics: naked.
because hiding was a decision, but shame was a condition.
From the fall of who I was-
The pride, the height, the slip, the flaw…
YOU remained, in fact… “My fall” was zero gravity
Because if my flesh was the building I would fall from,
It would have been too weak
to bear the load of even just one wall…
No… My fall was an illusion;
a downward spiral motion where the sky and earth invert;
Where I didn’t know which way was really up
But if it ever stopped, the impact would really hurt.
The dimension I was up against was never height but depth.

How deep could I bury myself?  Indefinitely.
That shovel of shame- that ugly sweater of accumulated identity.
YOU intervened and pulled the string so delicately.
Eventually YOU got down past the skin.
Exposed but juxtaposed; YOU opened what was formerly closed,
YOU saved me from the weight I tried to tow.
Truth be told- I grew so fond of bondage
Patching up that ugly sweater.  That custom cloak of
Make believe that withered in the weather.
It got heavy and damp, and the mold set in…

Destined for decay; YOU intervened and asked me for the string…
this is the real ME, finally alive because I let YOU unthread it.

Tyler Delphous   Youth Pastor

Tyler Delphous
Youth Pastor