Have you been to “THAT” bakery and tasted their brownies? Don’t get me wrong there are all kinds of breads and pastries, cookies, croissants, pies, and cakes out there… but brownies, this is what the public really wants! And these guys really know how to make ‘em… it’s their specialty... they are quite-simply unlike any other!

They’ve got all the best recipes; from the experimental and creative, to remakes of the traditional classics: chewy chocolate chip, dark fudge buttercream, marshmallow surprise, peanut butter cup crunch, and even a blondie-brownie for those who are inspired by white chocolate! Yes, these are the best brownies money can buy.

And buy is exactly what the public does. Every weekend crowds across the country line up, and pay whatever the asking price is for a taste of this decadent treat. And when a new selection hits the menu, people will actually camp out the night before to be the first to get a taste of this world-class “confectionistic” experience.

To say these brownies are delicious is an understatement! There are numerous ingredients that add to our ongoing addiction for them. Things like the finest Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean extract provides a rich aroma and adds a smooth, creamy flavor. Or there’s the organic almond extract; warm & toasty in flavor, making the brownies both delicate and rich.

Then there are the main ingredients, the flour and the chocolate… They use only cake/pastry flour at 5-7% protein (vs. 11% for ordinary, “store-bought”, all-purpose flour) that means a lot less gluten formation. And then the chocolate… ohhh the chocolate! Their gourmet baking cocoa is European Dutch-processed for rich flavor and appearance. It is a fine, indulgent, and utterly luxurious baking chocolate from Callebaut, one of Belgium's finest producers.

Every weekend crowds across the country line up, and pay whatever the asking price is

But what is it that sets these brownies apart from the rest? What is it that has the public clamoring for more? It’s the dog poop! That’s right, poop from only purebred* Chihuahuas! Chihuahua poop is the smallest poop from the smallest dog breed in the world. There are seven varieties of Chihuahuas within the breed. These varieties are called long-coat, smooth-coat, apple-head, deer-head, fawn, teacup and pear-head.

But it’s that Chihuahua poop in the brownies we’ll gladly pay $15 or more (per person) to taste. Don’t worry it’s only in micro amounts so we don’t really ever taste it amongst all the other delicious ingredients! It is sorted and slow-dried in wood burning ovens until it becomes flakey and crumbles easily...

OKAY… they’re not really brownies... I’m actually talking about the movies Hollywood puts out these days!

We’ll spend good money (and a lot of it) on a magnificent soundtrack and state-of-the-art computer graphics to bring a proper backdrop for unbelievable performances by actors-n-actresses. We’ll see creative costuming, hear incredible musical scores, and watch scenery and locations second to none… and then there’s the poop… THERE’S ALWAYS POOP! A little here… a little there…

I hear people say, “It was just that one little scene… other than that… it was AMAZING!” And I’m reminded, “Hey, what’s a little poop in the brownie? It’s not like it’s Great Dane poop! We’re not even talking about horse poop… it’s just Chihuahua poop... and when mixed in with all the other splendid ingredients; I mean really, what’s the big deal?!”

Last week, the #AcademyAwards proved once again they’re having a contest to see how much poop can be put into a brownie and keep the public buying it, eating it, and sharing it. The culture applauds their way to the box office; never questioning the ever-increasing price for those brownies (as well as the ever-increasing amount of poop in those brownies). And the Oscar goes home with whoever put the poop in their brownie in the most evocative way.

How much poop is too much #PoopInTheBrownie? Where is the line? Language? Violence? Murder? Sex? Nudity? Suggestive “themes”? What is it about the age of thirteen that makes something either inappropriate or acceptable? Why is something restricted at seventeen but at eighteen it’s no longer necessary to have an accompanying parent or adult guardian?

Hey, what’s a little poop in the brownie?

We’ve somehow #LostThePlot in our love for movies. We’ll go and see a movie and even recommend it to others in spite of the poop. We’ll justify our actions, just as others did before us. We will say, “It’s not bad, it’s good... it even won an Oscar!” It reminds me of how Isaiah warned the people: [5:20]

What sorrow for those who say:
. that evil is good and good is evil,
. that dark is light and light is dark,
. that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.

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Lead Pastor

*For any who might be concerned: all of the aforementioned ingredients are sourced direct from reputable companies with fair-trade principles at their heart, supporting smaller businesses and single sourced wherever possible. For example all dairy products are only from small family farms in the Dominican Republic who support community development and environmental protection programs. And the eggs come from only free-range chicken farms with large open spaces, lush green pastures—about eight acres—dotted with trees, and play structures for perching and shade so that the chickens have plenty of room to roam freely. And most importantly, no Chihuahuas were harmed in the collection and sorting of their poop.