All it takes is water!  Water makes growth happen and the green hillsides taking shape all over our valley are pure evidence of that.

Marty likes to tease me, because each week I check the California drought monitor to see how things are looking for us Californians.  It is amazing to watch the monitor transform each time I view it, moving from dark red to red to orange to tan to yellow and finally white.

It’s been a slow progressive change throughout the state over the course of the past year, thanks to some much-needed rain.  Yes, we’ve had some pretty heavy rainfalls on a few occasions that unfortunately have done some damage to roads, foliage and property, but for the most part it’s been a consistent and steady precipitation pattern that’s filled our lakes, rivers and reservoirs and brought some color to our otherwise brown world.

I liken this growth and transformation to our spiritual lives.  It’s steady and consistent watering that produces the fruit we all want.  When we’re living close to Jesus and allowing him to water our lives, it’s a whole lot harder to lie or gossip.  The Holy Spirit is instead at work producing love, kindness and self-control in us, along with a lot of other good stuff.

A little bit of water here – a little bit of water there and the fruit begins to show itself in unexpected ways at just the right time.

DEBBIE WALKER Seniors' Ministry Pastor

Seniors' Ministry Pastor

So let’s grab our watering can, fill it up and begin the regular routine of sprinkling a little water on that dry ground. 

Enjoy this time-lapse drought monitor video of California over the past several years! All it takes is water!