I’ve known it for a while now… I wasn’t hearing everything around me. I'm not saying I needed hearing aids… I just wasn’t hearing everything around me. There were days my wife would ask, “You didn’t hear me saying your name?!” The answer was usually pretty easy, “You were in the other room.” (That didn’t go over too well when we were both in the kitchen!) But it’s not like I’m deaf! Sometimes the ceiling fan is on and it drowns out half the things happening around me… but I don’t need hearing aids!

Let’s face it: the people who need hearing aids are those battling their past with too many concerts or maybe they worked construction and all those sounds have taken a toll on what’s reaching their ears. But that’s not the case for me, nope. As far as I am concerned I live in a world where my hearing is just fine.

In fact I remember times as a youth pastor, (20 years ago) when we would go to camp and we’d be looking for kids after “lights out.” I was always the first person to hear kids hiding behind a cabin attempting mischief. It’s not like I could do that today, but I’m also not out running around at midnight, standing in some ditch in the middle of the woods, chasing some teenager. The bottom line is, my hearing was great then, it’s probably still great now… so I don’t need hearing aids.

Now it is true, and I’m not afraid to admit it, I don’t hear conversations in restaurants, or when the kids are all over for a family dinner night, but it’s not like I need hearing aids. I mean honestly ask yourself, do you hear everything somebody says when they’re sitting right across the table from you? I mean really! These are unrealistic expectations!

As far as I am concerned I live in a world where my hearing is just fine.

So while it might be true that my wife and kids are always complaining at the volume level I watch movies, how is it my fault that they make the speakers in televisions smaller and less powerful anyway? I admit, I might need a little help with my hearing, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need hearing aids. 

Jesus said, “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” [MRK 4:9] He said this while using hearing aids… that’s right, you heard me correct: Jesus used hearing aids! It was happening all around Him; people could see and wouldn’t learn, they’d hear but not understand. [ISA 6:9-10] So Jesus used parables and stories (hearing aids) to help them “get it.”

He used hearing aids like a treasure found in an empty field and day laborers working in a vineyard. He talked about neighbors knocking in the middle of the night and bridesmaids falling asleep. One of the best hearing aids (about God’s love) was a sheep, a coin and a couple of sons who had all wandered away. [LUK 15]

that’s right, you heard me correct: Jesus used hearing aids!

So apparently I do need hearing aids. So do you… so does she… and him… and them! Read one of the parables of Jesus today; he told LOTS of them! Allow Jesus to fit you with CUSTOM hearing aids; He’ll help you to understand how wide, how long, how high, and how deep God’s love is. [EPH 3:18] (and remember, if you feel comfortable after reading a parable, you probably didn't get it)


Lead Pastor

And I should probably mention, I most DEAFinitely needed hearing aids. How do I know? I recently got a pair… It was kinda like when I got my reading glasses, I didn’t know what I was missing until I saw what’s really there! By the way, did you know birds still sing?!

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