Every year at The Sanctuary, we get to witness about 30 people get baptized.  It’s so awesome to celebrate the things God is doing in our church family! 

In 2009, however, we had a few more than 30 baptisms to celebrate!

That year, Pastor Marty shared the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch from Acts 8.  The Lord told Philip to go to the desert, and there he met a Eunuch who was the treasurer for the Queen of Ethiopia.  The Eunuch was studying the book of Isaiah but didn’t understand what he was reading.  God had led Philip there to share with him the good news of Jesus. The Eunuch was immediately captivated by the story, and when they came upon a small body of water, he asked Philip if he could be baptized right then and there!  He had heard about Jesus and he wanted to act on it right away!

Pastor Marty gave our church the same moment – to move in obedience to what God was saying right away.  So people came forward to be baptized – right then and there.  With no idea this opportunity would happen. In the clothes they wore to church! 

Some were baptized for the first time. Some were declaring their faith in God by leaving the past behind and moving ahead to a new season. All were obeying Jesus – and right away! Over 250 men, women, youth and kids were baptized that day! 

... he asked Philip if he could be baptized right then and there!

Are you sensing that now is the time for you to be baptized?  We are just a few weeks away from another opportunity for that to happen!  Our annual Just Add Water outdoor baptism event will be on Sunday, August 28 at 6:00pm.  This year, we will be enjoying a delicious dinner prepared by those who are a part of El Santuario!  You won’t want to miss this night!

Jen Lord | CARE Pastor

Jen Lord | CARE Pastor

If you are ready to take this step of obedience through baptism, please pick up a Baptism packet at the Welcome Center and turn in the baptism testimony form by Sunday, August 21.

I’m so excited to celebrate what God is doing in our church family!


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