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Zack Totten
Connections Pastor

I know it sounds ridiculous, or at least odd, that I would love going to the dentist. But don’t tune me out just yet.

Every six months I go to the dentist for a cleaning. I need someone’s help to get my teeth back to their preferred state, which is also the state that will help them last the longest. I know that when I sit down in my hygienist chair she’s going to know very quickly that I didn’t floss everyday and that I missed brushing certain places in my mouth. In spite of my fear of her discovering my poor practices, I look forward to a fresh start.

Going to the dentist is a restart. It’s another opportunity to start over in caring correctly for my teeth. I need a new beginning…every six months. I need a second chance. Actually, it’s more like the 34th chance for me.

Fortunately, because she is a kind hygienist she doesn’t scold or shame me for not doing the things we both know is right. She gets me cleaned up and ready for another six months. I leave reinvigorated and recommitted to brushing and flossing as she recommends.

I need a new beginning…every six months. I need a second chance.

I think she knows that my desire is to properly care for my teeth, but my follow through doesn’t always match my desire. She encourages me to do the daily things that will result in healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. She makes sure I know how to floss and brush correctly. And then sends me home with clean teeth, a big smile, a new toothbrush and roll of floss.

I’m getting better. Instead of regularly flossing for only a week or two after my cleaning, I now do it for a couple of months. Not bad after 34 restarts… I’m so grateful for my hygienist and her belief in me that one day I’ll get it.

my follow through doesn’t always match my desire.

Going to church every seven days is like going to the dentist every six months. It, too, is a fresh start. It’s a place to get cleaned up and tuned up. It's a place to be encouraged and taught to do the things that we want to do, but all too often find difficulty in doing. It’s not a place to be avoided when we’re a mess and haven’t lived as we want. Rather it’s a place to run to because He accepts us as we are not as we should be.

Let's recommit to being a regular part of God's family... the Church, so that we can .

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