If you’re like me, your feet hit the ground running today; things to do, places to go, calls to make, and people to see. My email inbox is at capacity. I have more texts, tweets, and trouble that need to be navigated and subdued than I care to think about. And the emotional and political climate isn't helping the feelings of despair that at times can be overwhelming. 

I woke up today begging and desperate for numerous answers that seem to be evading me… and apparently everyone else around me as well. I know the answers aren’t going to be found in democracy, socialism, gun control, or acknowledging that black or blue lives matter.  

We’re all smart enough to know, deep inside, that neither of the upcoming national conventions, gathering together, putting their hope in a candidate being elected, will be able to answer any of our problems. NOPE! Because the question isn’t political, the answer won’t be either! 

20111111 Divided US

Leadership simply cannot resolve the dis-ease plaguing our country. There has never been a resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that possessed the cure to what ails our nation. The independence that birthed the United States of America in 1776 has become an indulgence that has created the Divided States of America in 2016. 

America has an independence issue. We have rejected God and removed Him from the place of honor in our land. At this point, we can either humble ourselves or be humiliated; the choice is ours.

It’s time to proclaim, we are in-dependence on God! I am, you are, he is, so is she, and all of them… dependent on the mercy-n-grace of God! We cannot legislate morality. We have proven over and over again, through our frail humanity, our ability to be selfish, our insatiable appetite, and our propensity to sabotage that which is good. Humans have often created but have never been able to sustain peace.

It’s time to proclaim, we are in-dependence on God!

It’s time to put our trust God, to keep our thoughts fixed on Him! When we do this He will keep us in perfect peace! (ISA 26:3) Republican, Democrat, Green, Tea, Libertarian, or any other well-meaning conservative, liberal or progressive can’t make a promise like that! We don’t have a political problem, so politics cannot be the solution. We have a God problem, so God is the solution. Who are we worshipping? We are a nation filled with self-made men and women… who like to worship their creator.

We need our land restored. We need our sins forgiven. We need God to hear our prayers from Heaven. This can all happen IF God’s people seek His face and humble themselves. (2CHR 7:14) I choose humility because I have seen humiliation, and it doesn’t look good.