Brandon Maddux | Children's Pastor

Brandon Maddux | Children's Pastor

A local Pastor  has recently given his entire congregation the summer off.

This began from a recent survey about how the church could improve the service, 81% of the congregants marked “other” and wrote in that they would like the church to provide “the ocean and a surfboard.”

During a church strategy meeting the Pastors discussed the paradox that is summer: people showing up less when their schedules are more flexible. So they decided to not burden families with community or the presence of God this summer.

“We realized that the church grows faster when you give people what they want, instead of what they need. We are leaning into this powerful new method,” said the lead Pastor as he stood uncomfortably in his new skinny jeans that his wife begged him not to wear.

As they talked with other staff members about the matter, the Kid’s Pastor spoke up, “It's really just about unity; one heart, one mind. For the first time ever, our entire church will participate in what we call them to; not showing up to church.”

“We’re doing this for Christ,” said one of the staff members as he paused from replying to his travel agents email.

This has sparked debate within the church about the issue; an older congregant spewed off a rant that was quickly dismissed, “call me crazy, but I didn’t think my relationship with God was to be relegated to only certain seasons of the year.”

Someone replied, “yeah, but I don’t see why I need to go to church – I can experience God in nature… at the beach, in my lounge chair, with a beer in my hand.”

This post is satirical. Satire is a writing technique to use humor, irony and exaggeration in order to expose foolishness.

No, we are not closing the church doors this summer – in fact the opposite is true. Our church body will be alive with community all throughout the summer – through Sunday Services, Life Groups and other Events.

We both know the statements in this post are silly – that it’s important we stay connected to the Body of Christ all summer long, but will we prioritize it?

Call me crazy, but I didn’t think my relationship with God was to be relegated to only certain seasons of the year.

Will you use your weekends, evenings or time off this summer to become better connected with our church community? Will you help your kid’s become better connected to our church community?

What if you invited a family from church over for a BBQ? It doesn’t hurt to ask.

What if you got a bigger campsite then you needed and invited other people to come with you? It could be worth it.

What if you planned your vacation around church, instead of church around your vacation? It could communicate what you value.

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