BRANDON MADDUX Children's Pastor

Children's Pastor

Growing up, I loved summer. Summer meant water; it meant beach camping, water skiing and creek fishing. Summer meant friends; it meant spending time at Six Flags Magic Mountain, making funny videos, and having sleepovers. Thankfully, summer also meant church; it meant kids camp, VBS and going to church on Sundays.

Thinking back on my childhood I realized that there were many wasted moments in the summer, time killed on video games, TV or getting into mischief. My parents helped me find productive ways to use that free time and that helped show me what was important to them.

This is probably true for your family too. In the summer, your kids have an excess of unbudgeted time and as a parent you get to help them steward how they use that time. How you schedule your family for the summer communicates to your kids what you value.

Today, I’m thankful that my parents made church a priority in the summer. No matter what the week looked like, no matter where we were camping, no matter how busy my parents were, we showed up at a church… somewhere.

I’m thankful that my parents made church a priority in the summer

It was one thing for my parents to tell me they valued church, but it was far more impactful for them to show me that they valued church by how they calendared our summer.

If we want your kids to develop an authentic faith, we have to help them see that it is relevant to every season of life – our faith doesn’t close its doors during the summer. If we want them to build deep friendships with other Christians, we have to ensure they have a consistent context to do that in.

So, this summer, while your family is going away, don’t neglect gathering together (Heb. 10:25).

Keep your kid’s plugged in this summer by having them join us on Sundays, at Discover YOUniversity, and for other summer events.