Joseph Gregory     In Focus Writer

Joseph Gregory

In Focus Writer

Have you ever been so familiar with something that you never really see it?

For instance, I just noticed that there is a great Burmese Restaurant on my drive to work. I’ve been making that drive for almost two years, every day, but I just noticed this neat little restaurant, that makes great food that I like.

Yet, I saw it for the first time now that I’ve taken a closer look.

Perhaps you’ve been rolling along with our Sanctuary community for a few months, or even a few years, and you keep seeing the promos for our Taking Root and Cultivate classes that we offer on a regular basis.

“What are those?”

Taking Root is a four-week class that helps walk you through some of the basic principles of what it means to be a Christian and to walk with God. Have you been going to the Sanctuary for a few months, but you’re still new to this whole life of faith? Taking Root is a great intro or refresher on the basics of Christianity and how God, Jesus and the Bible fit into our daily lives.

Cultivate is our partnership class that takes four-weeks to learn about the history of our church, our Foursquare denomination, and why we do what we do at The Sanctuary. If who’ve been with us for weeks or for years, and are ready to partnership with our church and call it your home; Cultivate is for you.

Maybe you’ve been hearing about our ongoing classes throughout the month of May. Maybe you’ve passed them by a thousand times. Maybe now is the time you stop and really see them for the first time now that you’ve taken a closer look.

If that’s you, and you want to find our more: our next Taking Root & Cultivate class-cycle starts June 5th.

For more details check out our website for info on Taking Root, and for info on Cultivate.

Hopefully you’ll find something in these classes, wonderful and helpful, hiding right in plain sight.

-Joseph Gregory

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