We were trying to interview Jeremiah and Natacheau (pronounced Natasha) Bergman.

Really, we were. 

We did alright until a few friends came and sat down with us. The laughter and smiles came so easily that it was hard to break in to keep the interview going.

It wasn’t until the last moments when friends stood up from the table that we realized how telling this meeting was. The Bergman’s are such an inviting couple that it’s hard to NOT stop and say “hi.” They love their community, they love their friends and they can be a shining example of God’s love for people.

Their reach in our community is a far one too, together they have attended and served in Hospitality, CHAMPS, UTURN, INTEGRATE, ADVANCE, GLM, Life Groups and in many more capacities too!
Natacheau works in child care throughout the week, while Jeremiah works as a web developer for Scorpion Design.

Married for six months now, the Bergmans spend much time as Beach Bums, as they love the sea and Jeremiah is an avid surfer (and hiker too). Natacheau loves to read, relax and is getting into interior design and homemaking. They both love going on long drives, stargazing, wandering, and other adventures with their friends.

Jeremiah was the first to come to the Sanctuary some 15 years ago. When he attended high-school at Golden Valley he began to fall away from God and fall into a party scene.
Sometime after High School, Jer began to feel the pull to come back to God. One night he abruptly left a party never to return to that scene again. He went on a missions trip to Thailand, God moved in a powerful way and Jer never looked back.

Around the same time, Jer had messaged Natacheau over Facebook, and they started hanging out. After some time, Natacheau followed Jer and came to church here at the Sanctuary. In that time God began to speak to her, and several months later both her and Jer were baptized, becoming part of our community as they are today.

We are unbelievably blessed to have them walking with us, and excited to see what God does in them next. Make sure to bug the Bergmans and introduce yourself next time you see them, we promise they’re even nicer than we make them sound here.

-Joseph Gregory


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