Pastor Marty Walker     Lead Pastor

Pastor Marty Walker

Lead Pastor

The Spirits of Pride and Poverty are traps found on opposite sides of the provision in our lives. They are both focused on things rather than focused on God.

You can easily see the Spirit of PRIDE when we want people to think we paid more for things in our lives than we actually did. Unfortunately, it also causes us to believe we are the source of our blessing. But an even more unfavorable side effect is we begin to think we actually live at a level of lifestyle we don’t, and we begin to make decisions based on that false identity.

The Spirit of POVERTY, and the scarcity mentality that accompanies it, is just as easily seen as we attempt to make people to think we paid less for the stuff that clutters our living; often causing us to justify what we have. Poverty’s deprivation doesn’t stop at a lack of the usual, socially acceptable, or most common measures of money or material possessions.  The worst part of the poverty spirit is that it tends to leave us with a mentality that our provision is more of an accidental happenstance.

The Spirit of GRATITUDE is different than both, in that it doesn’t care what people think; it only cares what God thinks!

These Spirits are revealed in the ways we respond to compliments:

When someone says, “Your watch is really cool…”

  • Pride says: “It’s imported from Europe!”
  • Poverty says: “This old thing, I got it at Target!”
  • Gratitude says: “Thank You, I like it too!”

When someone says, “Your house is beautiful…”

  • Pride says: “We were gonna build a bigger one!”
  • Poverty says: “It was a bank foreclosure!”
  • Gratitude says: “Thank You, the Lord blessed us!”

When someone says, “I like your suit…”

  • Pride says: “It’s tailor made!”
  • Poverty says: “It was half price!”
  • Gratitude says: “Thank You, it’s really comfortable!”

When someone says, “That’s a nice car…”

  • Pride says: “I got three of ‘em!”
  • Poverty says: “It’s a company car!”
  • Gratitude says: “Thank You, it’s so dependable!”

Let’s be people who walk in a Spirit of Gratitude knowing God is our provider, and He continues to do so out of His love for us.

I was recently posed this question, “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” It really got me thinking, I gotta do more thanking! Let’s remember to simply and regularly say, “Thank You!”

-Pastor Marty Walker