Frank and Laura Fischer are long time Sanctuary partners. Over the last few years they have been following the teachings and strategies suggested by Dave Ramsey in order to be financially healthy so that they can give more to the Kingdom. When asked “How have you seen God break through in your finances?” Frank Fischer responded with the following:

Dave Ramsey, author of “Total Money Makeover”, is famous for saying “live like no one else so you can live – and give – like no one else.” Laura and I embraced this and we want to encourage all of us to take this to heart.

What this means to us is in making financial decisions today that are difficult, those that delay gratification, that may bring criticism from friends or family, or are otherwise contrary to our culture, will allow us to do the things we desire to do in the future.

“Snowballing our debt” (paying off smaller debts, then rolling over that same money to our larger debts) by creating a monthly financial plan and seeing our debt dwindle month by month has been the single most important thing we have done within the past five years. There has been freedom! The chains have been unshackled!

When we finished Baby Step 2 – “Pay Off All Debt but the House”, we could decide to give above and beyond our tithe as cheerful givers while we continued to work the Baby Steps. We are finally at Baby Step 6 – “Pay off Home Early.” We are aggressively pursuing Baby Step 7 – “Build Wealth and Give”, so that we can help others and further the kingdom.

Laura and I ask ourselves “Imagine what we could do as a community if we had no debt and (as Laura and I are looking forward to) have no mortgage?”

It can be done! It is not easy. It will take time. We will make sacrifices today that will be abrasive to our immediate desires and at times even bruise our egos. However, if this means that we can fulfill our desires and God’s desire for us later, I am jumping in with both feet. Will you join us? 

- Frank Fischer