It’s a typical Sunday in the Hospitality Room: smiles shared between the families, kids, and young adults in our community, people coming and going for chat and free coffee.

We sit down across from Mark Henderson catching him just as he finishes up a chat with anther churchgoer. Mark’s eyes glint with vision as we ask him, as our director, to share a little bit about our coming production of Fiddler On The Roof.

A critically acclaimed and 11-time Tony Award winning production, Fiddler On The Roof is the story of Tevye, a dairy farmer with five daughters living in 1905 Imperial Russia. His Jewish beliefs are continually challenged when his eldest daughters break further and further away from long, withstanding tradition. Starting May 6th we are inviting the community to experience love, dancing, faith, singing and fatherhood.

Sitting with Mark for the few precious moments, we saw his passion as a director (and a trained actor of 30+ years) spring to life discussing our upcoming play:

In Focus: “What are you excited about for this play?”

Mark: “I’m excited about the similarities we see between the struggles between the Jewish village in the story, as they are the people of God, and that we, as the modern Church, face too.”

In Focus: “It’s a parallel?”

Mark: “Yes, there is some big modern application we have with this show. For the community in the story, the Jewish community has to deal with the way their traditions are attacked, this is important especially as tradition… well they’re the ‘soul’ of their community. It’s sort of what Pastor Marty taught about this Sunday: Truths don’t change, but traditions do.”

Our talk with Mark was trimmed short, as Mark saw another person he needs to talk with regarding the Fiddler production.

Remaining seated, we watch Mark eagerly start a new conversation: warmly drumming up his charm, discussing carefully organized pieces to make the play excellent, but passionately casting his vision, too.

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to bring this beloved musical to life, even more blessed to have such a talented community performing, but most blessed to see such passion and craft going into every part of Fiddler on the Roof.

After our short talk with Mark, we’re unbelievably excited to see what they’ve worked so hard to craft as the enthusiasm of Mark and his cast is infectious.

Fiddler On The Roof will run 2-3 shows per weekend May 6 – May 22. Make sure to grab your tickets online as soon as possible.