Though our council serves behind the scenes, they represent our congregation in a big way. Because they are an important part of our community, and since we are confirming these new council members, one might wonder who they are:

Marcia Gray has been a part of our congregation for 12 years! In her time she has been able to observe our congregation with her own unique perspective and as such is valuable addition to the church council. When asked why she accepted the invitation to serve, Marcia replied, “Serving when called upon needed no consideration so I answered yes immediately when asked as I felt it was the prompting of Holy Spirit to give of my time.”

Stanley Rodriguez works as a Sustainability Consultant for 2030 Green L.A. Hospitality. A part of our community for some time, when asked why he decided to accept the invitation to serve on council, Stanley says: ”Opportunities to serve in the body of Christ are like colorful doors that open and close at a precise moment and need to be evaluated with your heart. While this door was opened, I just saw light behind the door that made me say…I can do that!"

David Rhoades has been a part of Sanctuary family for over a decade and even served on our council for a cycle a few years back. David loves to be a contributing member of the congregation, and was glad to re-join the council to serve in this supporting role. David works as a Content Creator for Scorpion Design where he helps develop websites as a content writer. David also serves in our UTURN and INTEGRATE ministries.

We are beyond blessed to have these people join our council and serve our church in such a consistent and big way. For more info on council and other church leadership, visit