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Young Adult Pastor

The last time I had a crazy conversation with God was a year ago.  I mean, the kind of conversation where God was directing me to do something kinda big and bold.

Sounds great right? What’s not amazing about talking to God? You might ask. Well I agree, talking to God is amazing, except when it’s not something you want Him to say. Truthfully, my last crazy conversation with God was like that. It wasn’t my favorite, like at all… Cause God told me to do something I didn’t want to do.

Can anyone relate with me on this? Not all our conversations with God are good ones. Right?! We ALL have those moments. Those moments when we know we can’t ignore His voice. I wish this were not the case.

I wish instead that I was like Samuel who jumped out of bed to answer God’s call.  

But did he really?

I went back and read the story of how God called Samuel (Samuel 3: 1-14).  Verse 1 begins with, “in those days messages from the Lord were very rare, and visions were quite uncommon.”

My life can often be just like those days. Messages from God can seem rare and uncommon when I’m only listening for the warm fuzzy words. How about you?  The problem with living this way is that when God speaks to me to follow Him in a new and bold way I am not always sure it’s Him. In fact, I may even groan and grumble and go back to sleep.

I consider Samuel’s story. Samuel heard a voice, but he thought it was his mentor Eli calling him (vs. 5, 6 & 7). It took God calling Samuel FOUR TIMES before he knew it was God-and only because Eli, his mentor, figured out that it must be God and so he coached Samuel (vs. 8-9)! Even Eli didn’t catch it until the 3rd time God called.

Samuel is no different than most of us (or at least me anyway). When God’s messages are few and far between in our lives, we are going to have a hard time knowing for sure if it’s God’s voice we are hearing. And for many of us, God’s been speaking to us for a while but we are hoping it’s NOT Him so we keep ignoring His voice.

I’m so glad God gives me third and fourth chances to hear and obey His voice. Just like Samuel. How about you?

When God’s messages are few and far between in our lives, we are going to have a hard time knowing for sure if it’s God’s voice we are hearing.

So you know that last crazy God conversation I had with God went something like this:

“Lead a Missions trip,” He said.

“Really God? You want me to do what?” I said.

Again, the words, “Lead a Missions trip.” He continued, “Step out and do something you know you can’t do so only I get the glory. Then you will remember again, My promise to you to lead and guide you.”

Friends, you know what God has told you to do. Maybe it is a big bold step of faith like my story. Maybe it is an issue of sin He keeps telling you to get rid of. Maybe it’s just that still small knowing you have on the inside that God wants to have it all. Whatever His voice looks like in your life, if you stop and listen, He is speaking to ALL of us. The real question is not, “Is God speaking?” It is “Are we listening?”

The last thing God told me to do was go lead a missions trip. So that’s what I’m doing…This next week I am leading our church team to Belize…

So, what is the last thing God told you to do? Did you do it? Go! Go do what He’s told you to do! 

Please be praying for our Belize team! Download specific prayer points here

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