There is one general rule with scorpions: the smaller the creature the bigger the wallop. Though people may find larger scorpions more frightening due to appearance and assumption that their venom is most potent, often their size and strength make them good predators and as such their venom tends to be fairly tame (think a bad bee sting). It’s the small scorpion you have a hard time seeing, the unobtrusive arachnid that you have to watch out for. Their small size fails to belie the alarming efficacy of their venom (think hospital visit).

The same could be said for Lynn Murphy.

Though Lynn is a quiet and slight twenty-something woman, she has earned a 3rd degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do, and overall she currently has some 15 years of martial arts training under her belt (pun shamelessly intended). In addition to her martial arts pursuits, Lynn Murphy has been a part of our Sanctuary family for 10 years now. Raised in a Christian home she first came with her family, and she slowly integrated into our church family in the ensuing years.

Lynn is a regular with our INTEGRATE young adults. You'll catch her at our Wednesday night Coffee Chats and other monthly events. Lynn has also volunteered with our CHAMPS kids in the past, and currently helps out with our Sunday morning media team.

Though she never attended our youth group, UTURN, Lynn graduated from Canyon High and Academy of the Canyons, and a couple of years back she got her BA in Animation at CSUN. She loves animation and both interned and worked with an animation company here in SoCal. Currently she divides her time between teaching kids Kung Fu, and waitressing at a local restaurant.

Like we’ve seen, Lynn loves martial arts, including weapons training with Nunchaku, and the disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, Suh Do Kwon, and Kenpo. She also loves Japanese culture and language. She loves to do animation and the various forms of artistry involved therein.

In her life and as she has faced various trials (including the general struggles involved in growing up, and even dealing with the physical after-effects of intense martial arts training), Lynn names several of her favorite verses: Song of Songs 8:6 and Romans 8:31. She names both because they reminder her to take hope, knowing that God fights on our behalf. Lynn also loves the book of Ecclesiastes for Solomon’s wisdom as well as his frankness about the vanities of life without God.

By any assessment Lynn is a remarkable person, if not for her own personality, then certainly for her ability to defend herself. Make sure to say “Hi” if you see her, we assure you she is super kind. Oh… but just in case, watch out for that stinger.