Do you ever find yourself about 25 minutes early for a job interview?

That’s clearly too long to sit in a waiting area— you definitely don’t want to sit in your interview attire and twiddle with your phone— that looks unprofessional of course. Be productive? Nah… not enough time to run errands, and too little margin to go eat. Oh well… you just decide to sit in your car.

In times like these it can be hard finding a place.

In some sense that’s what it feels like being 22. You are an adult, but most adults are quick to remind you how little you really know, while simultaneously hold you accountable to your blossoming adulthood.

In one way to a young adult the world can be a difficult and awkward place.

In another way, being a young adult— the world can be a wonderful place too.

There is a sense of freedom that comes with being young and independent. For the most part young adults have health on their side, and they get to enjoy this time of their life as they can still keep up with the cutting edge of culture and technology (for now…).

As an awkwardly important, awkwardly inconsequential, wonderfully exploratory time of life; young adulthood is a time to find a place in life, but also a time for us to find our place in the church.

We’ve seen innumerable stats on how important the years of 12-18 are for teaching a child about Jesus and living in the Church. If we realize the significance of those statistics we also realize the ages of 18-25 are a time where those same teens begin to settle down into lifelong patterns.

Ever wonder why our ministry for 18-25 year olds is called “Integrate”? The name was picked for the very same reason. We are focused on helping these teens and young adults begin to find their gifting and navigate these odd days into the next awkward phase of adulthood and parenthood.

Wherever they set their roots down, we want to prepare them to grow their roots down deep into the love of Jesus (Eph. 3:17).

To you adults, please pray for our Integrates as they find their place in the Church and in life. Perhaps you know an 18-25 year old who is looking for a church home? Make sure to connect them with Pastor Rachel.

To you Young Adults reading this— if you haven’t already— COME JOIN US FOR INTEGRATE. Integrate is a safe place for young adults to come and experience the love of God through community, worship, teaching, and prayer.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, plus some special events throughout the year. Our next event is our homemade Sushi Nite this Friday Feb 19th, 7-11pm. You bring $10, we get “the stuff,” you leave filled with fish, Jesus, and community. Maybe not in that order though.

We’ll see you there.

-Joseph Gregory