Public Schools: They’re the heartbeat of our community. The staff and administration work daily to educate and inspire, and they really are in it for the kids. Schools know education, and they understand which path to take to help students achieve their goals and dreams; too often these same campuses don’t have adequate staff or resources to get there. The realities of student poverty, dysfunction in the family, and sometimes just crumbling facilities, take their toll on education goals.

Missions: What if the closest mission field isn’t over a border and requires no passport? What if a missions “trip” was down the street… for a couple of hours… one day a week?

Imagine what could happen in our neighborhood, if, as people of faith we engaged the real-life needs of our community, our children and their schools? As people of faith and love, The Sanctuary is uniquely poised to step into the gap for kids in our neighborhood. Together, we can be part of the solution. Whether it’s volunteering in the classroom to support teachers, or just helping maintain attractive school grounds for students to take pride in, I’d like us to walk this path together and become catalysts for change.

We live in a culture that is divided on so many fronts: Church-State, Government-Business, Business-Media, Them-Us, Us …and everybody else! Certainly, and there are good reasons for certain institutional divisions. I’d like to invite you to see what could happen when we go beyond what divides us to look at everything that brings us together!

I’d like to invite you to join me in a screening of the film UN|DIVIDED! (The movie is 65 minutes and recommended for a PG audience due to heavy themes) It’s the story of a supportive church partnership with a school, serving without agenda simply because kids ARE worth it!

We’ll gather in the Father’s House on Sunday February 21st from 5-7pm to watch this inspiring documentary of the true story of how a suburban church united with an at-risk high school bringing about both reconciliation and restoration. The Sanctuary is poised to make the kind of UN|DIVIDED difference that transforms a community, for good!

Put it on your calendar and plan on being with us as together we say loud-n-clear, “I could do that!”