Lately I’ve been asking us to toss our political affiliations out the window!

Even if you’ve been a loyal Democrat your whole life, or dedicated to the Republican cause since you were able to vote, forget about it! Our political preferences are just not that important! …and Independent-Green-Tea isn’t the answer either!

What's really important is our affiliation with Jesus, and our commitment to His “campaign!” No, I’m not talking about Jesus becoming our presidential write-in candidate for the White House in 2017!

What I am talking about is the ongoing campaign rallies where His constituency gathers on Sunday mornings all across the country…

You may not immediately recognize the voice of those who want His Lordship because there are no lawn signs or bumper stickers to represent them, but they are all voting and hoping for Jesus! They are…

·      unborn babies threatened by abortion
·      starving children in our inner cities
·      poor moms whose resources have run out
·      war-weary veterans struggling with trauma
·      hard-working undocumented immigrants
·      Christian refugees fleeing ISIS

Jesus has been steadily campaigning… for the vulnerable and the marginalized poor, for the care and peace of His creation, the planet. He really cares about all these things… it’s His party platform!

His campaign slogan: “Know The Truth, It’ll Make You FREE!” is finding a connection with people from all walks of life. And it would seem the United States isn’t enough for Him; He’s campaigning globally! Heroin addicted teenagers, children drinking polluted water, lonely widows with meager resources, sweatshop workers, the homeless, trafficked girls trapped in prostitution, and the mentally ill on suicide watch… they all want to be FREE!

> > > 

Independent-Green-Tea isn’t the answer either!

Okay, as much as all of the above is true, Jesus is not running for president; not of the United States, or the School Board or the water board.

The elections aren’t just important for America, they’re important to the rest of the world as well. The compassion and integrity—or lack thereof—of the next president and members of Congress, will significantly determine how well, or how poorly, not just America, but the human race does in the next several years.

That’s why Christians must enter the voting booth with a well-formed conscience, based on God values; and those values, His values, start with people!

I realize we may each choose different ways to respond to the compelling social problems happening all around us, but, as Christians, we cannot differ on our moral responsibility to help build a more peaceful world.


Lead Pastor

The candidates are all flawed, (only because Jesus isn’t on the ballot) so we’re left voting for those who are most likely to work for the common good of America. While it’s true, we can’t legislate morality, we can influence it with our vote. We must influence our culture to protect the weak and vulnerable, to uphold human rights, (all the way to the embryo), and defend the dignity of humans all around us; that all starts when we vote our values.

As faithful disciples of Jesus, let’s never forget, when it comes to political elections, as well as any and all other matters, the Good News wins everything, every time!  We have that Good News; it was His campaign promise to see the captives FREE!