After I worked out at the gym for the first time I went and looked in the mirror. I hoped to see a slimmer waist and bigger biceps. I’m picturing my face on Arnold’s body. I had worked hard for 90 minutes, so I wanted to see the results. I was disappointed when I saw no real change.

Over the last year and a half of going to the gym just twice a week I’ve learned that creating healthy change in my life requires consistency.  My waist did not shrink the first time I went to the gym.  I couldn’t lift more weight overnight. It takes an investment of my energy in order to produce lasting results.

The same is true for our spiritual lives. Sometimes I just don’t want to pray (are Pastors allowed to say that?). I easily get distracted while reading the Bible. I don’t always finish my devotional time with some “ah ha!” moment. Yet, when I look back I can see how God has worked in my life through my consistent pursuit of Him.

BRANDON MADDUX  Children's Pastor

Children's Pastor

Consistency matters in your family life too. Starting a faith conversation with your child or youth might not result in immediate life change – but it will make an impact over time. We significantly increase the odds for kids when we place consistent caring adults in their lives. Are you showing up consistently? Are you having your kids attend the same service every week so they get to have the same Small Group Leader?