Rachel Edwards Next Gen Pastor

Rachel Edwards
Next Gen Pastor

My husband Eric and I have had the privilege of helping several young adult couples prepare for marriage through pre-marriage counseling. Every couple has a different story to tell and we are constantly amazed at the wonder of God’s love as it is displayed in glorious diversity in each relationship. Sure, the weddings are pretty cool to attend and witness but we feel way more excited about the marriages God is creating long before the wedding day.

Jeremiah and Natacheau Bergman are one such couple whose story is worth sharing. A few weeks ago I asked them to share it here on our church blog. Hear from Natacheau as she looks back at their journey through this first year of marriage:

Coming from two families of unhealthy relationships, Jeremiah (Jer) and I both knew at an early age that we would marry only once and that it would be forever. When we started dating at the ripe old age of 18, no one took our relationship as seriously as we did, except God of course. We wanted to learn all we could about how to have a healthy relationship that would last.

Just one year into our dating relationship, Jer and I joined the “Love and Respect” LifeGroup (a small group designed for engaged and married couples). We went through that group twice and later took a financial planning class.  We also chose to participate in pre-marriage counseling before we became husband and wife. To some it might have appeared as unnecessary or “too much” to go through all those classes and groups but we have come to realize that healthy relationships, not unlike a healthy body, take hard work and perseverance. 

There seems to be a stigma surrounding the first year of marriage that says it is the hardest year in the relationship but for us this couldn't be farther from the truth. Because we took so many precautionary measures before we said “I Do”, the after has simply been us living out the life God was preparing for us. Most of the problems we would have run into were already resolved ahead of time because we took the time to prepare and plan for our marriage. Sure, we planned like crazy for our wedding but not even half as much as we prepared for our marriage.

Our life verse (so far) has been Proverbs 16:9, “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps”. I love to plan everything down to the last little detail, while Jeremiah is totally a go-with-the-flow, trust in the Lord kind of guy. Our first year of marriage has taught us the importance of balancing one another out. Now Jeremiah better understands the importance of having a plan in place while I am seeing more and more that nothing works without God. 

If we could offer any encouragement to new or young couples it would be Ecclesiastes 3:11, “God has made everything beautiful in its own time”. This has always been true in our relationship, long before we realized it ourselves. God always has a plan, and if you trust in Him, life can turn out better than you could ever imagine it. 

Jeremiah is a web designer at Scorpion and Natacheau is a nanny. Both have served in a variety of ministries at our church. Most recently, they are helping lead INTEGRATE young adults.