Pastor Brandon

Pastor Brandon

Yes, I believe your kids and youth should go to “Big Church” with you.

Wait, but aren’t you the Kid’s Pastor?”

I am convinced of the importance of Kid’s Ministry, but at The Sanctuary we take a big picture approach. At The Sanctuary, Kid’s Ministry is a partnership.

We empower parents to be the primary voice in the life of their child.

We are the second voice that confirms what the parents are saying at home.

BECAUSE… two unified voices will have an exponentially greater impact than one.

If parents are the primary voice in the life of a child, then it is crucial that their kids see their parents seek Christ.

The kids and youth see Pastor Ricky and myself seek Christ in our ministries. We are passionate “second voices” who speak truth into your kid’s lives, but no one has a greater opportunity to influence their direction than you, the parent.

     How you worship makes them WONDER.

     When you take notes their minds are INTRIGUED.

     As you love on others their hearts are INSPIRED.

Your kids might be bored at times, but parenting is not about entertaining your kids' funny bones, it is about entertaining their heart. Are you creating opportunities for your kids to own their faith? Are you helping them see the bigger picture of who the Body of Christ is?

If kids and youth are going to remain in church as adults then they must be connected to the larger body of Christ. They must fall in love with gathering together as God’s people. If they are going to fall in love with church (remember: the Church is a people not a building), then parents have to own the importance and engage with the people. The biggest way to make kids or youth not want to attend church is for their parents to view it as an obligation.

Let them see you worship. Let them see your love for God’s people.

If you have youth, consider having them attend most Sundays with you. Create room for their hearts to be entertained as they see you seek Christ. After the service, have a conversation, make it natural, “what did you think about ______?”

If you have kids, show up this Sunday; it's a New Life Sunday. We are gathering as the larger body of Christ. Let them see you worship. Let them see your love for God’s people.

This is a partnership; let’s reach your kids and/or youth together. As you have them regularly attend our Sunday & midweek services, be sure to take advantage of these strategic opportunities that equip you to be the primary voice in the life of your child.