Pastor Debbie recently asked me to share about why I started a Life Group.  I am going through a new season in my life being an empty-nester. I tried to prepare myself for this big change, but frankly, it really hit me hard.  There are a lot of feelings and emotions that go along with launching your youngest off to college; it is bitter-sweet. I am so blessed that she is doing well, enjoying college life and serving the Lord. Yet, I wasn't prepared for how much I would miss her.  

Since our experiences are rarely ours alone, I figured others probably have found or will find themselves in the same situation. I wanted to bring ladies together to support and encourage each other along this journey. It's about bearing and sharing. Though our circumstances are not exactly the same, we can always come together, walking side by side, bearing one another's burdens and sharing in our joys & victories.

Though my life is very busy; working full time, serving in the church and being a wife, mom and friend, I believe taking the time to start this Life Group could help many of us facing these circumstances. I am excited to see what God is going to do!

It will take a little extra from each of us, but like my choice to step out and share my story, would you consider sharing yours? Would you consider joining me and others walking through the "Empty Nest" season of life?

Life throws change at us all the time and if it's not being an Empty Nester, it's something else. Change in life is best processed in community because what God really wants is Change in us. Consider being a part of a Life Group where you can learn and grow, becoming more like Christ, no matter the season you're in.