A few years ago while taking a class in my Master’s degree program, I came to a shocking realization that left me a little blindsided. The class covered mentoring and coaching as a way that leadership development and ministry sustainability is accomplished in a person’s life.

What I realized was in all my years of growing up in church, I had never been intentionally and personally mentored in my young adulthood.

Looking back at that pivotal time of my life I did not have the person that every young adult needs, wants or may even fight against. I did not have a mentor to tell me, “Follow me as I follow Christ and let’s do life together.”

I guess I had never really thought about it before. I mean I had amazing parents, great teachers and leaders who loved me and pointed me to God.

Although I had these people saying all the right things to me; I never had a close leader who taught me the hard things and walked me towards Jesus one-on-one.

When I consider the kind of leader that God calls me to be, and though I want to strive to be that leader, I could easily decide to fold my hands and say, “Hey, no one helped me figure it out so good luck with that!”

But I want to see leadership development and ministry sustainability happen within this emerging generation.

This is a huge reason I love working with young adults. As a church we are currently doing mentorship in two ways.

The first is our great program, ACTIVATE for high school graduates. ACTIVATE interns spend a year of their life to enter into full-time ministry here at our church. They do so while taking college classes and getting stirred up in their personal devotion to God.

We use Hebrews 10:24 as the backbone of our program: “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works”.

This year, (our 3rd with ACTIVATE) brings us Ethan Kehrli as our ACTIVATE intern. In the course of the year Ethan will take classes at Life Pacific College while devoting his weeks to various ministries.

The second way we are raising up young leaders in mentorship is with our Worship Arts Internship program. Our Worship Arts intern, Mandi Bryant will spend the next months learning from Pastor Andy all about the various aspects of worship ministry.

Tune into next week’s In Focus for more on our two interns!

We are super proud of our interns. God is doing amazing things, so of course, we get to join Him in the amazing things He is doing!

Both interns can benefit from various types of support. If you’d like to know how you can partner with us or would love to support the program, please email us at: activate@thesanctuarychurch.com

For more information also check out our website.

- Pastor Rachel Edwards


Pastor Rachel Edwards is our Next Gen Director. She oversees all ministries from “Cradle to College.” She has pastored for many years and has a passion for reaching our young people here in SCV.