Stop blinking, it’s no typing mistake! This week our In Focus is “In Focus!”

For those who are reading for the first time, In Focus has been a regular weekly article printed in our bulletin, and more recently, posted to our blog online.

In Focus is a way that our church community highlights families, teachings, resources, events, and gives our pastors a space to go a little deeper on the things we're doing as a church.

You may occasionally read, or even notice a family photo displayed in our slide shows, but a big part of our In Focus is YOU!!!

In Focus originally began as an article we used to introduce our church family to our partner families, couples, or young adults who regularly attend. This is still a HUGE part of what In Focus is about.

Never been a Family in Focus? Interested?

As mentioned above, our Family In Focus highlights families that have completed our partnership process.

Though it may sound odd, even a bit exclusive, the reason we do this is because community involves a long-term connection. We know there are a lot of wonderful people and families who attend our church for a myriad of reasons and for varying amounts of time.

Some of you may be living in SCV for a few months while working on a regional work project. Some of you may regularly attend another great church in town, but like to shake it up every so often!

We love that so many call the Sanctuary their church family for whatever length of time, but we also acknowledge that doing life and community is a process that needs steadfast connection to thrive.

Due to this flexibility, we want to be able to introduce all of our church members to families who call the Sanctuary home indefinitely (which doesn’t mean forever, just for the definable future).

If you are a partner and you’ve never been a Family in Focus, the interview process only takes about 20 minutes and can be done between services. We will conduct a quick interview, snap a photo of you and your fabulous family and wrap up!

If you are interested or have questions, please email Joseph Gregory, our In Focus Coordinator at

Perhaps you might not even be interested in being a Family in Focus, but you ARE interested in becoming a partner with The Sanctuary. Check out our website for the steps and email Pastor Zack if you have any questions regarding partnership at

-Joseph Gregory