In a world where the media and culture are ready to vilify the church and its leaders for anything remotely immoral, people may be shocked to hear that the Youth Pastor at The Sanctuary and his family are all “Stoners."

Well we're happy to say that it's merely their last name! Meet Pastor Ricky, Kendall and their daughter Kaylee. They have been a part of our church family for 9.5 years, while Ricky first came to The Sanctuary nearly two-decades ago. In that time they have been a vibrant part of our community, though they are highly thought of, they have also been drug free we assure you… (pun shamelessly intended).

Married for 8 years, they have one daughter, Kaylee (5) with another little Stoner on the way. Boisterous and joyful, Kaylee loves Daddy-daughter dates, singing, assorted loud noises, and the occasional butterfly. 

Kendall and Ricky first met while attending Westmont College. They bonded during a rough time and after an all-night talk at a diner, Pastor Ricky brags about his ability to convince Kendall to join him on his motorcycle.

During this period they joined us here at the Sanctuary participating in various ministries. They both served in our AVL ministries: Kendall on lighting, visuals and service production; while Ricky worked audio.

Pastor Ricky also began volunteering as a youth leader, where he served for 6 years before accepting the role as our Youth Pastor over our UTURN ministry some 2 years ago.

In their free time they love off-roading in their ramshackle “Duiser”: a Land Cruiser with a Cummins turbo-diesel. (Ask them about the unfolding saga of the Duiser.) They also love shooting, scuba diving, and hunting to name a few of their diverse passions.

One of their biggest passions is community. For years they have opened up their lives and home to many, fostering a close community. Kendall and Ricky have shown their love for Christ and their desire for community by influencing countless kids in our valley, some who are just starting UTURN now, and some who are continuing out of our INTEGRATE college ministries.

We are so excited to call the Stoners part of our church family, and partner in a joint-effort to influence the people of this valley. We also cannot stress enough, that “Stoner” is just a name for this humble, not-puffed-up family, we aren’t blowing smoke either!